Exigo Acquisitions keeps up with new businesses being built, current renovations by other investors and up and coming trends.   We offer valuable market research for our investors before they invest in areas based on their current strategy.   With our deals and ability to help guide you through to closing, we anticipate all of our investors to be successful.  With our profitable deals, knowledge before you buy, a well planned renovation budget, and dedication to success, there is no excuse for failure.  We look forward to making deals with you.

With so many properties around Atlanta, not every one of our deals will fit your criteria.  However, we’ll do our best to find the location and style of properties that best fit your goals.  Our team will work with you until we find what you’re looking for.  We will personally keep in touch to make sure you are notified of our new opportunities and give you immediate access to them.  We do not hold auction style bidding, nor do we deal with Highest and Best offers.  We give all of our investors the same opportunities to purchase our deals.  As soon as our research is completed, we’ll deliver the deals directly to you.


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